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Hickory Handled BBQ Set
Set of 4 tools with hickory rack. Includes meat turner, spatula, fork and tongs. Rack is 15" long.
Cutting Board and Antler Handled Cutting Knife
This 8" x 12.5" cutting board has a bowl carved into it for easier chopping. Comes with an antler-handled cutting knife.
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Antler Flatware Sets | Antler Kitchen Accessories

Rustic Antler Flatware, Elk Antler Salt and Pepper, Antler Accessories for Rustic Kitchens.

Antler Flatware & Serving Pieces
Antler Flatware & Serving Pieces
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Sale Items
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Thank you for your prompt
attention to this order. I
received it and I love it!
Thank you so much.
Wood Chopping Bowl and Real Antler Handled Knife
Cutting Board and Real Antler Handled Knife
Bears decorate this cabin paper towel holder.
16 Inch Tall Mallard Paper Towel Holder
Cabin Kitchen Floor Mat
Cabin Kitchen Bear Floor Mat
Pine Cone Kitchen Floor Mat for Cabins
Cute Deer Hunter Paper Towel Holder
Fun Moose Paper Towel Holder for Cabin Kitchens
17 Inch Owl Paper Towel Holder
Forest Collection of Paper Towel Holders
We have a forest full of cute critters made of poly resin and 16" tall (Owl is 17" tall). The detail is amazing in these hand painted paper towel holders that hold a standard 11" wide paper towel roll. Pick your favorite!
Kitchen Floor Mats
More Info: Size 31.5 x 20. Wonderful Memory Foam Bathroom Rugs for bathroom, kitchen, or wherever because these mats are made of soft, ultra absorbent microfiber and dries 30-60% faster than other bath mats. They have a slow rebound and have a non skid backing. Machine wash warm, do not bleach, hang dry recommended.
Nothing makes dining more enjoyable than Antler Flatware and
nothing better than Deer Antler Kitchen Accessories.
 If you want true
western tableware to complete your cabin decor and rustic kitchen, try this forged flatware made
from bars of red-hot metal which is hammered into a shaped die.  From there, it goes through an
intricate, multi-step process, giving extra strength to this one-piece instrument.  On the other
hand, stamped flatware is cut to shape from cold rolled steel, heat-treated for strength, then
ground, polished, and sharpened.  You're wrong if you think you must own a genuine log cabin
to use Antler Flatware and Deer Antler Accessories.  Any traditional home can go from "plain
vanilla" to "rustic cabin," at least indoors.  For a rustic dining room or kitchen make-over, look for
old dining tables at the flea market to use with wooden benches.  A rustic table set with
complementing, but different place mats and flatware, and mis-matched chairs can look great,
too.  Antler Flatware is the best to bring "cabin theme" to your rustic table ware.  Search for that
old hutch to fit in a corner niche, or a larger one to fill up a big wall.  Many times, they are best
left in their stressed condition, or you may want to give it help by "stressing" it yourself.  If your
ceiling is high enough, and if you are real industrious, go to a saw mill that has trees with the
bark still on them. You can use them as rustic beams across the room.  Bringing some of the out
doors inside, such as animal hides, pine boughs, antlers, and an old quilt or two,  goes a long
way toward living in your own "cabin."    (It is not recommended to clean Antler Flatware or Deer
Antler Kitchen Accessories in a dishwasher.)

We are a family owned business established in 2005 by Charles
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in love with horses, cattle, ranches, farms, and everything
outdoors which is reflected in our western, rustic and country
home decor.  We will never mark product above the required
manufacturer's pricing mandates only to show it on sale at the
required price. We look forward to serving you with
personalized care and attention.
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